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Empower yourself! Enjoy yourself

Partyrobics® is a dance-fitness concept in a clubbing atmosphere: dark interior, party lights and energetic remixes of commercial, recent music hits. It offers you everything: a work-out, dancing, clubbing, expression, liberation and joy. It follows holism, where body, mind, emotions, energy and soul connect. You feel like at the peak of a concert of your favourite band, when you feel united with the people around you and you feel a connection to the music and it transmits in your body. It is about experience, not about performance or the way you look (this is important!). It’s easy, accessible, it’s for everybody. Dance until you feel fit and like no one’s watching you! And burn up to 600 calories effortlessly. “The class is masterly constructed”, said one of our participants.

A Partyrobics® class gives you the space to let go! You focus on the training of your soul: how to enjoy yourself! Everything else – a workout for your body, learning how to move and burning calories – happens as a side effect.

What is our mission?

Our mission is to create a complete, joyful, empowering programme for people. Where joy, fun and happiness makes your body fit, your mind healthy and heart pumping positive vibes.

We are ambitious!

Our ambition is to build a worldwide movement that connects fitness, dance, clubbing, music and coaching into a holistic but accessible life-changing experience. We pursue certification trainings around the world – contact us, we will deliver the training.